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Maai-Mahiu, Kenya, is a town that lies along the Great North Road (once nicknamed HIV Highway) that runs through several countries in Africa.  Over the years, the Maai-Mahiu area has witnessed a growing number of abandoned and orphaned children. Poverty, lack of education, and domestic challenges lead to over 20,000 children being abandoned each year in Kenya. Without intervention, the future of these young lives and the community as a whole remains vulnerable to the cycle of poverty, various forms of abuse, little opportunity for change, and ultimately loss of hope.


Since 2011, we have been striving to provide for and protect abandoned and orphaned children in Maai-Mahiu, Kenya.​


Valley Light Home is the dream realized and long term commitment of a couple, each born and raised in Kenya. After years of planning and careful strategy, Valley Light Home opened its doors to take in 6 children in July 2011, the youngest little one a child of 6 weeks. The mission is to provide holistic care to children who have been orphaned or abandoned, with no relatives or friends capable of looking after them. To date, VLH houses 37 children.


Valley Light Home was carefully constructed to be a home rather than an institution for up to 50 children (infants to 18 years of age). The project is managed by a local staff, including a full-time social worker. The staff receive regular training to provide professional care and guidance for physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs. Caregivers are trained to administer medication, monitor nutrition, and care for individual health needs. Valley Light Home is a trauma informed environment. Each of our staff member receives training on how to help a child who has gone through traumatic experiences. 


We are a Christ-centered family that empowers vulnerable children to pursue their full potential.


To see a world where every vulnerable child is raised in a Christ-centered home.


Virginia Lynn


I am a former teacher, mother of six children and have been married to my husband Scott for 30 years. Since the age of 23 I have been captivated by the adventure of following Christ. In 2018, through missionary friends serving in Kenya, I met fellow servants, John and Leah Njoroge. I was inspired then to share their dedication to providing a vibrant, loving home for children coming out of desperate and vulnerable circumstances. First with a partnering school, and now also as the Valley Light Board Chair, I am still sharing about their tremendous work and investment in the lives of the precious children they rescue and raise.

Christie Penner.jpg

Christie Penner


I came to know about Valley Light Home through my daughter. The school in which she teaches has a partnership with Valley Light and she had the opportunity to travel to Kenya as the partnership grew. She got my husband and me excited about traveling ourselves in January 2023. This home is filled with love, respect and vision for the future. Immediately upon arrival we felt part of their family. Since our visit I accepted a position on the board. I have learned so much more of the hopes and dreams of the people of Kenya. I look forward to a return trip to Kenya in the near future.

Jim Roberts



Isabella Berhow


I became acquainted with the ministry of Valley Light Home through the Hodi project at our church’s school and through an appeal for funds to our church’s missions ministry team. Sometime later, I met John and Leah at a wedding and I was impressed by their hearts for the Lord and for the kids. I offered to help give some counsel regarding their US based non-profit, but soon found myself getting excited about the ministry itself. This led to my coming on the board and to the joy of visiting the home in January of ‘22. What I love about the ministry is that it not only gives the kids hope for success in this world, but through the message of the gospel offers hope for new life in Christ.

Heather Fleming - IMG_7731 (002).jpg

Heather Fleming


Heather and her family have been involved with Valley Light Homes since they first started over 10 years ago. John and Leah were in Sunday School with Heather and her husband, Mike and they knew this was God’s plan for them to meet to be a part of what God had in store for these precious children in Kenya. Their family has traveled to Kenya twice to visit everyone at Valley Light and look forward to getting back soon and seeing the new home in person!

Maria Lyman.jpeg

Maria Lyman


I have been working in education for over twenty years and the past ten years as Principal of Westminster Christian Academy in Alabama. The Lord grew the passion of a Westminster parent, Virginia Lynn, to be an advocate for the precious group of Valley Light children. Through my meetings with her I knew the Lord was directing us to become a school that partners with John and Leah and all their work in Kenya. This partnership has in turn allowed our student body to walk alongside our fiends in Kenya in many fruitful ways. Our school now integrates this partnership through clubs, special chapels, student lead initiatives to raise funds, and annual trips to Kenya. Westminster and Pisgah Heights teachers collaborate annually to help strengthen both of our groups of educators. I have grown to love the work of the Njoroge’s and the staff at both VL Home and Pisgah Heights as well as my time in Kenya. I am currently serving as a member at large on the Valley Light Programs Board.

John Njoroge


"Though our children were once abandoned or orphaned, that is not true of any of them anymore. They are home now, and just like any other children, they have the time and space to pursue their life dreams."

- John Njoroge, Founder of Valley Light Home

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