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Flood Crisis News 
Prayer requests

May 2, 2024

God has not diverted from his redemptive agenda in all this tragedy but calls us to respond and live as he chooses.

He both comforts our hearts and establishes them

for every good work and word.

2 Thes 2:16-17.


  • The Valley Light Home, children and staff were spared.

  • Pisgah Heights School is standing.

  • The newest baby girl was rescued from a field 3 days before the flood.

  • John and Leah are back with the family, and all are safe in Kijabe.

  • For acts of kindness including the delivery of milk and tomatoes to Valley Light Home on Monday.

  • For all of the friends of Valley Light who are praying for God’s mercy and provision.


  • For wisdom and safety and honesty to prevail in all recovery efforts.

  • For protection of the 2 guards staying behind at Valley Light after evacuation.

  • For the Red Cross and individual work to find all who are missing.

  • For the military to successfully clear other dangerous sources of pent-up water.

  • For the government to rebuild bridges and repair roads as soon as possible.

  • For repairs to the community water source.

  • For repairs to the 50+ meters of damaged pipe from the Valley Light water source.

  • For creative solutions to food delivery while roads between Maai Mahiu and Kijabe are impassable.

  • For Valley Light staff caregivers’ energy, strength, and comfort as so many have lost friends, loved ones, church family, neighbors and their homes. Especially for the extreme losses and frights of Susan, Keziah, David, Elijah, Boss and Paul.

  • For supernatural peace and healing from trauma.

  • For restoration of livelihoods, hope and God’s honor in Maai Mahiu following the disaster.

  • For the gift of refreshing sleep in such frightening and exhausting times

April 29, 2024

Dear Friend,


After receiving news of the devastating floods that overwhelmed Maai Mahiu, Kenya in the pre-dawn hours of April 29, the Valley Light Board has confirmed that all of the Valley Light Home children and staff are accounted for. 


We grieve deeply for the catastrophic losses throughout the community and continue to monitor the situation, especially as impact to our staff, their families and the Pisgah Heights School family becomes known.  


We will continue to communicate as the scope of damage becomes clear, and please check back frequently at our website for updated information. Valley Light leaders anticipate responding to community needs through various forms of outreach in the days and weeks to come.


Virginia Lynn 

Valley Light Programs, Inc.

Board Chair


We have finally moved into our new home! After many hours of sorting through books, clothes, furniture, kitchenware, etc., and packing multiple boxes, we are now unpacking everything at our new home!

We recently had a detailed inspection by various government agencies at the new home. The director of children's services remarked, "This beautiful building provides more evidence that you genuinely and selflessly care about these children, but we have always known that about Valley Light."

Fall 2021: Newsletter

The last fiscal year ended in September and marked a decade of ministry for VLH. Ten years of raising kids has gone by fast. The joy of watching young lives restored with renewed hope is inconceivable. 

We have five students graduating from high school and joining college or trade schools. We have three students in high school and four joining them in April and December 2022. We have 16 students in primary school and are now raising one toddler and two babies. 

Our food distribution program continues to serve and minister to hundreds of families in our community.


He leans back in his seat and draws his legs out. He is a picture of sophisticated elegance as he trains his eyes on me. There is a discernible humility in his mannerism, in the polite way he answers my queries and humours my relentless prodding. 45- year-old John Njoroge is a learned man, with three Master's degrees to his name and currently pursuing a PhD from USA's University of Georgia...

JOhn and Aneesa.jpeg
John - Family.JPG

The baby cried all through the night. The noise pierced John Njoroge’s head as he slept in the slums and he wished its mother would soothe it. When he woke up the next morning, he found out the baby had been left in the street all through the night and had cried until it died. A passerby dug a small grave to bury the child in, performed the symbol of the cross, and went on his way....

Fall 2020: Newsletter

This week the town of Maai Mahiu has experienced unrest and rioting accompanying a sand harvester protest making conditions for the children of VLH unsafe. A school bus was rented to evacuate the children from Maai Mahiu. They are now in a safe place. 

Our Community Bible Study (CBS) continues to meet for our children and staff. We thank the Lord that we are able to do this together as a family. Faith is being strengthened, questions answered and doubts expressed and addressed. 

Summer 2020: Newsletter

This month we broke ground for the construction of the new home. We ask your continued prayers for this project.

We have a new kiddo at VLH! This month we had the privilege of welcoming to VLH a nine-month-old baby boy, Odera. 

We thank the Lord for another year at Valley Light Home. This is our ninth year since Valley Light Home was launch in July 31, 2011. We baked a huge chocolate cake to commemorate this grand day.

Spring 2020: Newsletter

April is Easter season, a time to reflect on the love that sent the savior to Calvary on our behalf to redeem us. This Easter was no different, amidst all that was happening around us due to COVID-19. We need a savior from not only this pandemic but also from our self-sufficiency and complacency, all which falsely make us feel as though we are the masters of our lives. 

For church, we have been greatly privileged to be taught every Sunday by our very own "Dad," John Njoroge. We have had a special exposition of the prodigal son parable in Luke 15. In addition to the teaching, we also have a time of Q&A. 

6267f70e-f7b4-4728-b572-efa62e755ada (1).jpg
Winter 2020: Newsletter

AWANA thrived in February. We welcomed +350 kids every Sunday. In March we suspended our weekly AWANA ministry until further notice due to COVID-19 precautions and regulations. Pray for more volunteers when we are able to re-open our AWANA ministry. 

We thank the Lord for the provision to start homeschooling our younger children. Our two teachers, Nicholas and Mercy, are doing a superb job in motivating and creating excitement in learning. 

In March, before COVID-19, the children were excited to go on a field trip to the Nairobi animal orphanage and the mamba (crocodile) village. 

December 2019: Newsletter

We closed the month of November on a high note. On November 30th, we held our annual AWANA party which was a great success, as usual! The children came out to receive their Christmas gift and a hearty Christmas lunch. We had a great time sharing and just celebrating together. The parents were there to receive the shoe gifts for their children. Thank you for making all this possible!

In December, eleven girls from VLH and others from our AWANA Club attended the GLOW camp for teenage girls. This camp was a great success and we thank the Lord for making it possible for so many girls to be able to attend! Our prayer is that the girls will use the knowledge they received to make good choices when faced with difficult life issues. 

Screenshot (44).png
Ocotober 2019: Newsletter

School let out at the end of this month. We have planned a lot of fun filled educational activities this vacation season, to include introducing an active library system for our older children. Regina is our library caretaker. She is in charge of issuing books to other kids and keeping a record of who has what books. This system is really encouraging the kids to read more than they have before. 

This month we held our AWANA candidates' prayer and thanksgiving party. This is the day we pray for all our AWANA students who are sitting for their eight grade exams. The students loved this time of prayer and celebrated with cake and soda. 

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