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July 12, 2024

In the weeks since since the last update the issues related to the flood crisis have been compounded by earthquakes and economic unrest:

In the early hours of Tuesday, June 18, four of six detected earthquakes shook Valley Light Home.  While the rumbling renewed fears of disaster, the home was not damaged.  Sadly, some boulders, already loosened by the mudslides, rolled further down the mountain.  These caused more damage and and even crushed one neighbor’s home that had survived the flood. 

A week after the earthquakes, on June 25, violent protests in Nairobi erupted in response to a finance bill passed by the Kenyan parliament which raised taxes beyond what citizens could tolerate.  As leaderless youth took up demonstrating across the country, they called for the president to implement austerity measures and cut back spending on his travel and official hospitality. The president responded by repealing the finance law but also deploying the Kenyan Defense Forces to control protests.  The atmosphere remains charged as the government determines how to raise revenue and pay down Kenyan debt.


Now ten weeks after the first flood and mudslide event, Valley Light, other ministries and community leaders have a better understanding of the widespread needs in the area of impact.  The government provided 3 months of temporary shelter to most families who lost their homes (some fell through the cracks while receiving medical care), Naomi’s Village is focused on rebuilding roads and bridges and Just One Africa continues to provide much needed counseling and clean water solutions.  John and Leah have focused their efforts on partnering with 10 local pastors to visit all disaster victims, hear their stories and learn of the needs unique to each family whose losses include loved ones, homes, possessions, animals and livelihoods.  The one-on-one time with these devastated neighbors allows for better understanding of the flood impact and more efficient use of your relief donations.  Growing relationships with the victims, John and Leah have been able to meet many physical needs and also offer comfort that is unshakable in the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Though their work is physically and emotionally strenuous, your donations allow them to lift up these victims with food, transportation, school fees, clinic fees, furniture, safe housing, bibles, household items, school uniforms, latrines and mud removal.


God has protected Valley Light Home from damage, so the grounds continue to serve as a beautiful place to provide refreshment to community leaders, pastors and victims as they gather for planning, counseling and visiting. The children of Valley Light Home are also hosts and close witnesses as John and Leah dedicate themselves to walking the journey of healing and recovery with their neighbors.  With encouragement from your support and prayers they can offer help to victims and receive their painful stories of loss which could otherwise silently break families, erode hope, threaten their dignity and make room for even more desperation.  John is also committed to press the government to rebuild railroad properly or relocate it so that the communities surrounding Maai Mahiu can rebuild safely without fear of another flood event once the rainy seasons come again.


The Valley Light children enjoyed a short school break ending on July 1.  Before that, their school bus was back to its route after some road repairs made Valley Light accessible again. Pisgah Heights School won a music competition and advanced to the inter-county level, giving everyone a reason to celebrate. Work is underway to restore Valley Light farm area and crops (behind the rear wall) that were completely washed away.  Also, the compound wall will be heightened due to several feet of mud deposits on the exterior.


If you specifically designated “where most needed” donations after April 29 they have made the efforts mentioned above possible!  John and Leah know you stand with them as they lead efforts to stabilize life for many families and children who are struggling in numerous ways. The needs will be ongoing!  (All undesignated gifts support the daily operations of Valley Light Home and Pisgah Heights School.)


Please read the prayer and praise requests below for more details. Your giving, prayers and encouragement help make Valley Light a place of true hope, a haven and an example of compassionate care in the community. 


**Camp Furaha is now just 5 1/2 months away. This camp will give our kids something to look forward to this November and December! Please email if you want to learn how we plan to make the holiday break a time of good memories for our children instead of vulnerability. 

Virginia Lynn 

Valley Light Programs, Inc.

Board Chair

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