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June 4, 2024

Recent video from John and Leah Njoroge describing the effects of all the flooding:

URGENT message:

June 4, 2024

The best place for the children of Valley Light continues to be their own home despite continuing difficulties all around.  They are able to attend school thanks to the four wheel drive vehicles that can make the journey into town and back.  The relief efforts and grieving involve so many people they know in their neighborhood.  Staying at home means they are aware of the recovery activities and can understand the ways that neighbors are working together.  They can hear stories of God’s mercies and of sorrows that will be part of their childhood experience forever. They participate in hosting gatherings at Valley Light and even helped fill 200 Serv International food sacks for distribution on May 25th to the community up the mountain who have been completely cut off since the April 29 landslide.


The plans to optimally divert waters coming down from the mountain have changed several times over the last 10 days as continued flow of water and debris impact efforts.  (Significant additional rains and flooding came on the nights of May 21, 24 and some May 27.) Individuals with shovels and the Kenya Defense Forces with large equipment are digging canals around homes that are half buried in mud to try and keep those from further damage.   The community, including Valley Light, is providing fuel and even more equipment will be needed to dig out homes before neighbors can return to their properties. There are eighteen of these homes visible just beyond Valley Light’s rear wall.  Twelve more are very close by.  Small steps toward progress are mixed with sadness as losses are counted across the altered landscape.

Spared of flood damage, Valley Light has had the opportunity to host several important gatherings in the meeting space upstairs and on the grounds.  The Kenya Board, community leaders, government representatives, healthcare workers, counselors, schoolmates, pastors and flood survivors have met at Valley Light to plan, eat, talk, connect and even play in the beautiful spaces.  All of the Serve International food bundles (mentioned above) were prepared at Valley Light.  Our home has held group and individual counseling events with sessions led by the “Send Relief” ministry sponsored by JOA, as well as a very large water filter distribution on June 4th.  John and Leah will continue to host these gatherings, feed guests, share the love of Christ, and make time to cry, laugh, collaborate and grow through this crisis.  

We were able to reconnect our water pipeline from Valley Light to our water source property!  Naomi’s Village will provide a 10,000 liter water tank in a public place.  Valley Light will fill up this tank once a day so that people from the community can fill their containers on a daily basis until the community pipes are repaired.

We will continue to apply your “where most needed” donations community toward these and other efforts that stabilize life for many families and children who are struggling in numerous ways.   Even those families placed by the government in temporary apartments in Maai Mahiu lack stoves, bedding, utensils and all the basics. Thank you (asante sana) to all who have given much needed crisis response donations!!  The funds, your prayers and your care are an incredible encouragement during these very long, hard days. 


**Make sure to note “where most needed” in the website donation comment field or in your check memo if you would like your donation to be applied to relief efforts. The needs will be ongoing.  (All undesignated gifts support the daily operations of Valley Light Home and Pisgah Heights School.)


**We are still looking for support of our first Camp Furaha opportunity.  This camp will give our kids something to look forward to this November and December!  Already your giving, prayers and encouragement make Valley Light a place of true hope, a haven and an example of compassionate care in the community. We hope that many of you can join us in person to make the holiday break a time of good memories for our children instead of vulnerability. (See the website or letter attached to crisis Update #2 sent on May 1.)


Virginia Lynn 

Valley Light Programs, Inc.

Board Chair

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